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2011 Conference Talks

As NTE comes again to my fair town, I am reminded that I list some conference talks that I have listened to for that year. This year I think I listened to less conferences which may have been due to a number of factors including my studies and becoming a parent. But I also did listen to some parenting audio that wasn't produced this year. Anyway here is some more resources that you might like to listen to over the summer break:

Our Fathers & Our Future: According to the schedule the Resurgence hasn't put up all the audio to this conference, and Driscoll's talks are only in video (ie I didn't listen them them). Also I have no idea what the title has to do with the confence as they didn't talk about Spurgeon, Edwards, Luther etc, but more talked about Mission, the Spirit and the Gospel. Regardless of all that, if you only want to listen to a few talks then please listen to Tullian Tchividjian's two talks, they rocked and was probably the best talks I have heard on grace alone (it even made me question how correct my James post was). Other talks available by R. C. Sproul, Matt Chandler, Chan Kilgore, Eric Mason and Daniel Montgomery.

The Powerful Life of the Praying Pastor: (for some reason Pipers talk on Robert Murray M'Cheyne isn't in that list). This is a good set of talks to inspire you to pray more and to see the worth in it. This conference was aimed at ministers, but I still found it very challenging and got me thinking about how I could do a family worship time.  They are worth a good listen to. Speakers include: Joel Beeke, Francis Chan, Paul Miller, Jerry Rankin and John Piper.

Text and Culture: I started to subscribe to Scot McKnight's blog and found this conference pop through. It was surprisingly interesting with a good flow of topics. The first speaker, Daniel Watson (an Old Testament professor) talked about how knowing the ancient culture can give a fuller meaning to the Biblical text. The second speaker, Douglas Moo (who helped translate the NIV including the NIV11) talked about how they aim to translate the Biblical text so the average Wall Mart shopper could understand it. Scot McKnight then talked about how the church needs to balance relevance with the culture while keeping true to the Biblical text. He also had an interesting point that our messages should be more about Christology and not soteriology.

KEC: A good heart is hard to find: I attended this conference (and blogged about it). The talks were roughly about commitment, how Christians are committed to following Jesus, how God is committed to His people in the Old Testament and how God is again committed save people from Romans 8. Speakers include: Don Carson, Dale Ralph Davis and Simon Flinders.

Engage 2011: This was another conference I attended (and blogged about it). John Piper gave his defence of Christian Hedonism and Rory Shiner gave some great talks on 1 Corinthians 15. Like, KEC you do have to pay for the talks :(

A fresh look at mission: This conference was aimed at Anglicans in Sydney, but not so much that there was no value for people who aren't Anglicans or in Sydney. One thing that stood most our for me was in Dickson's talk he mentioned that his church now has a Q&A after each sermon (which is something my Church has started to do on occasions) helping people interact with the sermon more, or for people to inquire about the Christian faith. Speakers include: Michael Jensen, Alan Lukabyo, Greg Clarke, Andrew Nixon, Andrew Katay and John Dickson.

The Gospel Coalition 2011 National Conference: It feels like a very long time ago I listened to this conference and I can only remember bits of it (that's not to say that it was a bad conference). The theme was on preachings the Old Testament and the mix of different speakers was great as they each had their own style of preaching. Speakers include: Al Mohler, Tim Keller, Alistair Begg, James MacDonald, Conrad Mbewe, Matt Chandler, Mike Bullmore and Don Carson.

2011 National In The Chute conference: I haven't listened to any of these talks yet, as the conference only recently ended, but it does look interesting and also a good mate of mine also spoke at it. Speakers include Al Stewart, Dave McDonald, Andrew Heard, Mikey Lynch, David Jones and Steve Kryger.

This year I didn't listen to the standard Next Conference or Resolved, not because I don't like them, but because I just didn't have the time.

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