Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Parenting Audio

If everything goes to plan, I shall be a father come late October. Like marriage there is no training course that you have to do to be eligible for these life milestones (not that I am arguing that there should be). But like marriage, there are lots of Christian resources out there for those who are keen on the whole information overload thing. Like I did before I got married, here is a list of some parenting audio that I have listened to, plan on listening to or more likely due to time looked interesting but I probably will not listen to (I link to those mainly for my own sake so I can come back in the future if I have time). Hopefully they maybe of some use to others:

Proverbs by Mark Driscoll (part 16-19) - In 2001-2002 Driscoll went through the book of Proverbs and in that he did a min-series on parenting. I found these talks more thematic than really a talk on some verses out of Proverbs, but I found them setting a good framework. The one on eduction maybe a bit too American but I think these talks are still worth listening to.

Biblical Parenting by Tedd Tripp - In 2008 the Resurgence hosted this conference and put up their five talks by Tedd Tripp on Biblical Parenting. I have started this series and Tedd seems to know what he is talking about. He deals with discipline and the issue of spanking as well as a host of other ideas.

Shepherding Your Child's Heart Seminar by Tedd Tripp - Again another series by Tedd Tripp. He has written a book on this topic so I am assuming his content is repeating ideas from his book, and at least this audio is free. Each of the three talks are aimed at parenting a child in a different age range. I haven't listened to these, but they do look good.

Raising Children Who Hope in the Triumph of God by John Piper - It's hard to call this a series but rather they are a collection of talks Piper gave to his church on the topic of children. There are only four talks that span about 12 years and look at different bible passages. Being Piper these talks have pretty much one main point which is helpful to remember back on, and also you can always read the notes which maybe quicker.

Parents and Children by Tim Keller - I found this one talk by Keller on children that you don't have to pay for, but you still have to sign up to their site. This talk is pretty much worth the hassle of signing up. It is aimed at mostly 20 something single post-moderners and it make you think about your own relationship with your parents while also pointing out our current cultural bias towards parents and children. After thinking I was clever in finding this free audio, I then found a free four part series by Keller called It Takes a City to Raise a Child, which I think i might listen to.

How Not To Raise a Pagain by Al Mohler - This was a talk addressed to seminary students but anyone could really listen and apply it to themselves.

The Father and Moral Decisions by John Stott - I thought this would be a cracker on parenting as it was by Stott and under the parenting category on the Gospel Coalition site, but it was more about God relating to Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane rather than how to raise your own child.

The Resurgence have a children category: Some resources look quite good in here but we are now over doing in on the information overload front, but wait just one more link

The Gospel Coalition also have a children category: In case the above link wasn't enough there are more resources here.

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    I think Sarah and I have listened to the 4 Mark Driscoll Proverbs talks some time in the last year. I was especially curious to hear what he had to say about discipline (Talk 18 Correcting Children) as my memory of his re:lit ebook "Pastor Dad" was that he talks about the need to discipline but didn't go into details of how to do it. Interestingly enough, my memory of that talk is that he advocates a lot of the same sorts of things as Growing Kids God's Way (GKGW).

    I've heard lots of people say some negative things about GKGW (and I've thought some of them myself), but we try to apply the course's wisdom in our house. So let me recommend actually doing the GKGW courses, because it's a great opportunity to talk through the issues they raise and discuss how you want to apply Biblical principles in your own household.

    I think we also listened to "It Takes a City to Raise a Child" by Tim Keller - after looking at your link it seems this is just a single talk and the 4 part series is actually "Raising Covenant Families" by another couple. My memory of the Tim Keller talk is some helpful stuff to think about, but the focus is on the advantages of living in NYC. But I think I'd like to check out the Covenant Families series.

    Thanks for the links Andrew. Looks like plenty of food for thought in that lot. Any input on Biblical Wisdom in the area of parenting is heartily welcome once the kids start saying "no!".

    God bless,
    Michael White

  2. Hey Michael,

    Thanks for commenting. I have heard of Growing Kids God's Way and I have only heard good things about it (although the people who like it say it receives some negative press). We are trying to get a group together at our church to go through it as there are a few pregnant couples around and it would be good to get to know them better and also to learn how to manage children.

    Thanks for the info about the Keller talks (or more non-Keller talks). Tedd Tripp seems to be a bit of a go to guy for the people I listen to on parenting. I am still no where near finished listening to these talks.

    (hopefully this will post, I had an issue with posting comments about 45 mins ago)

  3. Hi Andrew,

    I've been listening to the Ted Tripp talks over the last couple of weeks. They've been really helpful. Thanks for posting the links.