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2017 Conference Talks

I don't really listen to the radio in the car, instead, I use the time to listen to talks. Although I did find myself stuck with the radio for a bit while my home PC (with phone cables) was packed up for about 3 months. This put a little damper on my talk listening. Anyway, since it is the end of the year, and this is something I have been doing since 2007, below are the talks I listened to this year.

The Gospel Coalition 2017: No other Gospel This is the big American evangelical conference of the year where all the big American names preach and run workshops. Their international speaker was Peter Adams from Oz, so that was kinda nice. The theme of this conference was the reformation. The  main talks were on Galatians and some character profiles of reformers. Their workshops also are worth a dip into. I didn't end up listening to all of them, but there is bound to be a topic in there that will stand out for you. Main speakers include: John Piper, Stephen Nichols, Kevin DeYoung, Don Carson, Ligon Duncan, Thabiti Anyabwile and Tim Keller. Workshop speakers include: Jackie Hill Perry, Trevin Wax, Richard Coekin, Stephen Um, Al Mohler and Jared Wilson.

KEC 2017: In God We Trust (if you download their app you can get this audio for free). Every year I head to the Katoomba Easter Convention. Leon Stead gave us some talks from Romans (3-4 and 8). I thought the breakup was a little strange, why not do four talks on a consecutive passage? Kirk Patston again was the standout for me, he gave three talks on Isaiah 28 on being courageous. I like Kirk's style in that he is able to give clear background to a text (he is an OT academic) and is able to gently take you along the text. Matt Fuller gave four talks on Hebrews 10-13, and if I'm honest I don't remember them. I think having children also meant that I didn't attend all the sessions.

Geneva Push: Multiply 17 - Geneva Push are a church planting network in Australia, so they are on about evangelism, leadership and contextualisation. I mainly downloaded these talks because I saw that my old uni minister was on it, but there was some good stuff in there on contextualsation from Al Stweart. Other speakers include: Rory Shiner, Ray Galea and Andrew Heard.

Requip: How to tell your friends about Jesus I'm a bit of a Sam Chan fan. This training day was about one on one evangelism and a bit of a summary of what Sam said at KEC 2014, of which I thought was great. He talked about plausibility structures, building friendships and telling your story (of which in the past I tried to put in to practice). Even though I was there, I also re-listened to this audio as I found Sam to be helpful in encouraging us to tell people about Jesus. (Also disclaimer, I am on the Requip team)

Requip: Jesus after Religion Rory Shiner walked us through the religious landscape of Australia, looking at how Christianity was kinda the default position, then it was one of many voices and now religions are on the decline and we are living in a secular, post-Christian environment. This was a little like the book Losing My Religion. At the end of the day, I was a little disappointed in that Shiner didn't really give any concrete examples of where the Church should go today. He did give some wide options like using catechisms and The Benedict Option, but I would have liked to have heard what he is doing in his own church in engaging a secular world. (Also disclaimer, I am on the Requip team)

CMCC17: Sex and Gardening The next day after the above conference Rory gave three talks on the start of Genesis. He looked at God and what it means to be a man/person in the image of God. I thought these were good talks. For the electives, I picked the one on one-to-one discipleship by Phil McMaster, I even got a free book out of it. I really like that elective and the audio for that one is also up on the link.

AMCL 2015 - Mere Protestant Christianity At the start of the year I was looking for audio to listen to before any of the conferences dropped and I stumbled over this one with Kevin Vanhoozer who spoke at Moore College. I found these talks really interesting, as he looked at the Reformation and the thoughts behind the Five Solas, and the paradoxical application they produce. Vanhoozer is a smart guy which means listening to him also makes you feel smart as he explains some high theoretical ideas and you can still follow along with him.

In Term 3 I also got asked to speak on the book of Philippians, so in preparation for those I also listened the following series.

Philippians: The Fellowship of the Gospel by Kent Hughes. I think the Fellowship of the Rings just came out at the movies as there are a few Lord of the Rings references throughout this. By the title you can tell the accent on this is on Christian fellowship or partnership. I listened to this first and I can only remember snippets from the 26 talks he gave on Philippians.

Rebels Guide to Joy by Mark Driscoll. I remember years ago I listened to this series by Driscoll (when he was hot in the evangelical world). 10 years later I can see why some were suspicious of him. Driscoll is good at explaining things but kinda uses the text as a springboard to go somewhere else, rather than sticking to the text. Still, he did have some helpful things to say, and even today I wouldn't throw him under the bus completely, he was formative to me 10 years ago.

Philippians by J.D. Greear. What really stood out for me from these talks are some of the analogies that Greear uses. If you trace through my footnotes from my talks you can see that I took a few of them from this series.

Philippians by John MacArthur. I didn't listen to anywhere near the 46 talks on Philippians in this series, just most of chapter 1 and then a few scattered around. MacArthur goes into lots of detail (too much maybe) which is helpful if you want to know what a tricky verse means, but it also means he goes a bit too slow for my liking so you sometimes forget the overall flow of the passage. But MacArthur I find is always a good resource to use.

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