Tuesday, 14 December 2010

2010 Conference Talks

Well NTE has come and gone from my fair town (and I missed all the talks, this time they were charging $10 for each and I was busy when it was on. Hopefully they will put the audio up for free like they have with last years NTE), which is a reminder to me that I normally list out some conferences that I have attended for the year, or that I have downloaded for free. And this year is no exception, so on with the list for 2010:

Think Conference: I thought this was one of the best conference for the year and well worth downloading. The challenge was to get people to think deeply about God, culture and their lives. I am also going though a Francis Chan and Kevin DeYoung phase and this conference had both guys. Other speakers also included: Rick Warren, Randy Alcorn, R. C. Sproul, Thabiti Anyabwile, Al Mohler, Tullian Tchividjian and John Piper

Plant and Build: This conference was the 2010 Sovereign Grace Pastors Conference and is well worth a listen to, especially the one on The Advantage of a Small(er) Church and The Savior Sees. The first one I mention is refreshing as normally big conferences get big name speakers from big church, but this talk is from a guy who has about 250 in his church and I thought had a more normal view of the life of a church pastor. The second talk I mention is a good challenge for us to tell more people about Jesus. One of Kevin's talks was the same at the one from the conference above, but it was a good one on the mission of the church. The speakers at this conference were: C. J. Mahaney, Rick Gamache John Loftness, Kevin DeYoung, Jim Donohue, Dave Harvey

Together for the Gospel 2010: This conference happens every two years and they are pretty top notch. I did think R. C. Sproul (who, like the Think Conference spoke again from a video and not in person) was a bit philosophical/intellectual. Matt Chandler spoke about suffering (as Mahaney offered to give up his time for Chandler to speak, but the organisers made an extra slot for Mahaney at the end anyway). I'm going through a bit of a history phase at the moment and I really enjoyed Lig Duncan's talk on the early Church Fathers. Other speakers include: Al Mohler, Mark Dever, John MacArthur, John Piper and Thabiti Anyabwile

Next 2010: Next always has good talks at their conference. There is even a talk on the end times, which could be seen as a polarizing topic, but I thought it was handled well (some would probably disagree with me on this). The speakers at this conference was: Joshua Harris, Mark Dever, C. J. Mahaney, Kevin DeYoung, Don Carson and Jeff Purswell.

KEC - Living Proof: Christians in a Sceptical World: I attended this event (and already have blogged about it). The idea was for us to be thinking Christians in our world (a bit like the Think Conference above). John Lennox was there and next year, if you get a chance he and Piper are going to be at the Oxygen conference in Sydney. Stephen Um and Ray Galea also spoke at this conference. The talks aren't free

Engage 10 - Working for Good: Another conference by the Katoomba people that I attended this year (and also blogged about). This was a great topic about how we connect our lives on Sunday in Church to that on Monday at the work place. It is well worth a listen to, I think Tim Blencowe did a really good job and Steve Timmis also wasn't too bad either. Again, the talks aren't free :(

CCMC 10 - Walking Straight: Being Men of Integrity: This was a men's convention in Canberra that I attended (also previously blogged about). Mike Raiter was the speaker and he did a good job at going through Luke 12, 18-19. At the conference we also got a free book, so that made this conference one of the best this year. All the talks for past Canberra mens conventions can be found here for free.

Don Carson at Ridley on the Psalms: I had a mate who went to this and found that the audio was up for free, so I thought it would be worth checking out. Carson gives a talk on 5 Psalms, teasing out what they say and mean. Every now and again throughout he would point out what he would say if giving the talk to his Church as a way of instruction to show the audience of bible students how he would preach. This link not only has the five talks Carson gave, but also other talks he gave while in Australia.

Resolved 2010: To be honest, I don't remember the talks from this conference, except for C. J. Mahaney's one titled "I wish I'd Been There" which has me wondering if I actually listened to the other talks, or if Mahaney had given that talk some where else. Speakers at this conference were: Rick Holland, Al Mohler, Steve Lawson, C.J. Mahaney and John MacArthur. I could have downloaded the audio and not listened to it, as I did that with the next conference below...

Jesus, Paul and the People of God: A Theological Dialogue with N.T. Wright: This conference looked interesting and I even downloaded all the audio, but I never listened to any of these talks. There were lots of speakers here, and if you do listened to these talks, let me know how they go :)

Exchange Conference: This conference looks really cool, but the resurgence site is only slowly putting up the videos (not the audio) of this conference here. It seems to be on how Christianity is to engage with different parts of life and society. I'm going to check back in a while to see if they put the audio up, as it looks like it would have been good to listen to. The speakers were: Peter Jones, Mark Driscoll, Francis Chan, Kevin DeYoung, Pamela Frost , Joel Pelsue, Linda Harvey and Jefferey Ventrella

The God who is there: Last year Don Carson gave an overview of the bible in 14 talks. Those talks were turned into a book, but now you can download the audio for free. I have only just finished the 3rd talk and they seem to be pretty good. They are aimed at people who have limited or no knowledge of the bible, but I think it still is helpful for people who have read the bible to be reminded about the big narrative of the bible. There are also little bits from the wise Don that are new to me.

The Gospel and Personal Evangelism Conference: In my RSS read I have this item stared to remind me that I thought this conference looked good. This audio from some 9marks guys who went over to Dubai to speak to some ministers over there. The topics look "basic" but like the Carson link above, I think they would be helpful to all Christians to get a good grasp of the fundamentals.

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  2. Wow dude are you still at it? Have you got some google alert set up for you to post on any blog that mentions "Mahaney" online? In 2008 you already posted on this blog (under the name steve here), and my comment on that post to you pretty much still stands.

    Taking pot shots at ministers online for over two years is a pretty long time... Perhaps you should re-read this post on the site you link to - you know, now that you have told your story publicly I'd like to see a post where you admit your faults publicly, and then another where you forgive them publicly, show how you have undergone healing publicly and show your identity in Christ publicly... Why are you still stuck in the first phase, which where it seems like you were two years ago...