Monday, 25 February 2008

Marriage audio

I'm set to be married on the 6th of December this year, and so in preparing to be married and to understand it's purpose and just for some advice about it all, I went in search of some talks or sermons that maybe of some use. Below are what I have found.

Marriage, Christ and Covenant: This is a 14 part sermon series John Piper did in January last year. I have listened to a few of these, and at some points I want him to move along faster with his reasoning as he slowly goes over his reasoning, but having said that I have found these talks quite useful.

According to Plan: I think these talks were for a marriage weekend away for C. J. Mahaney's Church. This has both C.J and his wife Carolyn talking about what its like to be married and offer some really good Christian advice.

Naked and Not Ashamed: This was a conference from the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood about marriage and gender roles. Pretty much all these talks mention Genesis 2 and 3 and repeat the same point that gender roles were before the fall and not from the fall. Overall these were good to listen to. Al
Mohler's talks summed up culture quite well and their contemporary approach to gender.

Voddie Baucham: This guy can be a bit full on sometimes (which I like) and he has some good things to say about manhood and the family. This talk (mp3 link) on the centrality of the home was pretty good and this talk is on biblical man hood (the video audio isn't that good) my be helpful. There are also a few more of this talks about family, church, culture etc.. that can be found here.

Leadership Conference 2004: The second talk at this conference was by Wayne Grudem about biblical manhood and womanhood in creation and marriage. I am yet to listen to this, but will link to it all the same.

New Attitude 2004: Once again Grudem is speaking at a conference that I haven't listened to yet about men and women (since its the same year as the link above, I bet he is re-using the same material) but Al Mohler has a talk on marriage that should also be worth listening to.


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