Friday, 29 February 2008

The Christ Files on TV

The Christ Files is a book that John Dickson wrote about the early historical references of Jesus. These include sources from Greeks, Jews and early Christians. Some people liked Jesus, others didn't, either way there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that Jesus existed. (I even took up a challenge Dickson once said regarding this fact.) Its a good book and well worth a read.

This book has now turned into a four part documentary and will be shown on Channel 7 starting from Good Friday (March 21, 2008). I won't be near a TV that weekend as I will be at the Katoomba Easter Convention listening to John Dickson (and others)... It should be quite a good documentary with interviews of about 11 professors from around the world, including James Dunn and Tom Wright.

More details are on this site, or from John's web page.

(Thanks Tiger for letting me know about this)

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  1. For those who are interested in the historical Jesus, evidence for him, the historical context and how historians use the bible, this article may be worth your while.