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2014 Conference Talks

Every year I normally list the (generally free) audio that I listened to for the year. Since I am a creature of habit, this post is no exception.

ESV Audio Bible: At the start of this year christianaudio's free book of the month was the ESV Bible. This was gold, so this year I set out to listen to the whole Bible. This is about 75 hours and took me a large chunk from February to November, driving to and from work, to finish it. I can't say I remembered every single thing I heard, and there would have been some car trips where if you asked me what I just heard I wouldn't be able to tell you. However, I still think it was a profitable thing to do. If you want a free audio copy of the Bible you can sign up to I have downloaded the non-darma NRSV NT set which I might listen to next year.

Together For the Gospel 2014: This was one of the big events in the States and is worth a listen to. I think about 7,000 people in ministry attended this one. Some of the stand out talks that I listened to at least twice were by Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, David Platt and Kevin DeYoung. This is not to say the other talks were bad, they also are worth listening to. Other speakers include: Al Mohler, John MacArthur, John Piper, Thabiti Anyabwile and Matt Chandler.

Oxygen: (if you download their app you get the talks for free) This was one of the big events in Oz and is worth a listen to. I think about 2,500 people in ministry attended this one. The main sessions looked at the "I am" statements of Jesus in the book of John. It was an interesing mix of speakers, with John Lennox an Oxford maths professor, Don Carson one of the best Biblical scholars on John's Gospel and Francis Chan who wasn't the smartest guy there (and he said so himself) but also quite passionate in following through with what the Bible says. Other speakers include Bryan Chapell and Paul Tripp.

Preaching the Psalms: This was the big event for Requip (a group I help out with - here is a plug for this event before it happened). I think we got about 70 people in ministry to attend this one, so yeah our scale isn't as big as the two above, still this was a good event. David Cook and Mike Raiter each gave a sermon on a Psalm and also lecture on how to preach from them. Hopefully this event encouraged more preachers to speak on the Psalms.

KEC 2014: God: The Deliverer (audio is not free): I didn't blog about this event this year, mainly because my family got sick and so we headed home after two days. This was quite disappointing, but this year KCC shared all the talks for people who bought a ticket, so I was still able to listen to the talks afterwards (I think that is a good happy medium between free and paid conference audio). All three speakers this year were really good. Al Stewart spoke on four snapshots from the life of Moses with some interesting historical things thrown in; Johnney Gibson gave some encouraging talks on the Christian life and Sam Chan gave some real practical talks on engaging with people (and I put into practice one of his points).

2014 SMBC Biennial Missions Conference: This was a great conference on building churches to plant churches that in turn plant churches. Craig Ott sounded a bit like Ed Stetze in his book Viral Churches, but still what Craig had to say was gold. We need simple, reproducible church structures while focusing on building up leaders from within. We also need less focus on buildings and professionally trained clergy. I thought he has some good frameworks and practical ideas. Mike Raiter also gave some good talks about life in the ministry.

Acts 29 Europe: Multiplying Churches: I listened to this talk right at the beginning of this year, so my memory is a bit hazy, but the thrust of this conference was setting a church on the right trajectory, knowing what battles to fight and give in on, in order to plant more churches. From memory some of the audio was a bit poor. Speakers include Matt Chandler, Steve Timmis, Tim Chester, Hugo Charteris and Reuben Hunter.

CMCC 2014: Freedom from Guilt and Stupidly (audio not up, but should appear here): I blogged about this event. Simon Manchester gave three talks covering the book of Galatians and are well worth a listen to, especially if you plan on studying Galatians. Simon encouraged about 350 men to be reminded of the Gospel and not to add or subtract from it. We need to rest in the "done" of the Gospel and not in the idea that we have to do anything to alter it. This freedom now means we are saved for the fight against sin, not from the fight against sin.

Desiring God National Conference 2014: Look at the Book: This conference was all about the Bible. The main sessions were all done by John Piper, and mainly involved him going through Romans 8 and writing over the text and stepping you though it on a projector. Some parts of the main session therefore didn't translate that well just on audio. This conference also has a series of short 10 minute sessions and some longer (30-40 minute) seminars covering a range of issues, mainly involving methods or attitudes in reading the Bible for yourself. Speakers include (but not limited to) Jerry Bridges, Jon Bloom, Jason Meyer, Nancy Guthrie, Ben Stuart and Samantha Poteat.

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