Monday, 7 January 2013

Still blogging

Well another year and some habits just don't die. For me this habit is blogging. Although I fell very short in my goal to blog every week I still enjoyed it in 2012. (34 out of 52 is just a credit, so that isn't all that bad.)

As I reflect on blogging last year two things jump out. I got a free book to review sent to me by the author, which I thought was cool. This book helped me to change my position on the ending of Mark. Also an academic that I quoted in a sermon I gave (who I disagreed with) commented on this blog defending their position. There was no way in real life I would have had contact with these people, and this shows the power of the Internet and good that comes from exchanging ideas.

For the 20 or so who read this blog via Google reader you may not have noticed that I changed the site a bit. I am happy with this new layout, although I have a few more banner images I want to make. I also added a list of the top blog post from the last 30 days and you can see that somehow I have poisoned Google. Some really old posts (that wont die) seem to always appear due to people searching for something to do with Hume on his death bed; or Jesus and the Talmud or something to do with e-Sword. The sad thing is that I don't think these were very good posts, yet they still seem to get hit pretty much every day.

Like I said at the start of 2012, I mostly blog for myself. It helps me think through ideas and also helps me catalog the books I have read. Later I can then send on my reviews to other people who I think may like to read that book. Maybe that is narcissistic, but this is my blog. You can start your own and do what you want with it, its free after all.

In 2012 I started to feed this blog in my Facebook account and it is interesting to see how many views I get in comparison to how many likes or comments (or who in particular likes or comments on it. Members of the clergy pull in a bit of hits). The second most popular post of 2012 on this blog was an email exchange I had on infant baptism, but that post only got two comments - one was from my mum and other was me replying to her. This confirms the idea that there by far more people who consume the Internet than create (or interact with) content.

Which leads me to say thank you to all you who have commented on this blog. By far the most popular post of 2012 (as well with the most commented on) was my thoughts on gay marriage. I do like to get feedback and to be challenged in what I think, so please keep it up.

So I will continue to add even more white noise to the Internet in 2013. Feel free to read on and comment if you want.


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