Thursday, 13 October 2011

And life goes on

October seems to be a down time in blogging for me. Maybe because that is when all my final essays are due. But I have now finished writing 2,200 words on Judges 19 and 3,500 on Sūkyō Mahikari (that assignment is actually due tomorrow, but I handed it in on Tuesday because I am one of those mature age students). I am now free to write on other things (and hopefully not as long as these essays). Technically I still have some forum postings to do, but I don't think they will be so time consuming.

I have some books that I plan on finishing soon, some books I would like to start reading and I might have one more post on κεφαλὴ up my sleeve. But fatherhood is also coming up in a few weeks, so who know if I will meet my own goal of writing one thing a week. In the last two months that hasn't happened.

So we will see what the future holds.

I still post a series of links I find interesting on the web, so I am still contributing to the white noise of the Internet in some way.


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