Tuesday, 26 October 2010

An update about more updates

a lot goes on but nothing happens
but this time that's not true - Ben Lee by The Araries

Over the last month I have been a bit busy with finishing some uni subjects so it has been rather quiet online. (I have been posting some interesting things I have read online on my series of links blog). Now that I have finished all my assessments I might start blogging again. Two weeks ago I finished an essay on the relationship between Mission, Evangelism and Apologetics and another on on Penal Substitution. I am pretty sure I will pass both those, but my Greek 2 subject might be touch and go this time round... I guess we will see.

If you are interested in what I have been up to, you can always check out my phone's blog for some snapshots of things I have been doing. It is kinda like a visual twitter, and speaking of which, I have now jumped on the 160 character band wagon and signed up. The main reason for this is that I got a new phone with HTC Peep with it, so I use that which is then linked to my Facebook status. This way it is easier to update my (so very important) status updates than opening up a browser, but it does mean I don't quickly see the responses people make Facebook...

On this blog I do want to finish my Dating the Gospels series and argue for an earlier date than 62 AD. Hopefully I will also write a review of the Canberra Men's Convention where everyone got a free book, You Can Change, which I want to read and will post a review of that when I am finished (along with all the other books I have put off over the last few months).

In other news a friend of mine who is doing a Doctorate of Theology and Ministry over in Durham has started his own blog that might be worth checking out. And today a mate of mine has written an article in the Punch.


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