Wednesday, 7 July 2010

More "new" Ryle content

Around this time last year I finished putting up J.C Ryle's commentary on Matthew on YouVersion. After that I kinda forgot all about this until I logged into my hotmail account. I had linked my hotmail account with the JC-Ryle user account and in there was over 100 emails notifying me that someone had liked my contribution (like a facebook "like", not a personal email from someone). I figured that is about one "like" per post, so I thought I would put up Ryle's commentary on Mark.

While I was doing that YouVersion changed the way they saved the data and removed all html formatting. This meant that a lot of what I had done for Matthew had now been removed, and to make it worst, the paragraph formatting was screwed. Anyway I went back through the Matthew post and put back in normal carriage returns (I did do it a bit quick and fear I may have missed some). After that, I finished putting up the Mark commentary without any marked up formatting, which means it is way quicker as it was a copy and past from this website.

If you ever do browse YouVersion (and so far their uses have spent over 2 billion minutes on there on mobile devices) and click on a Matthew or Mark passage, hopefully you will see something by JC-Ryle. If you find an error also let me know.


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