Tuesday, 11 August 2009

J.C Ryle "new" online content

YouVersion is an online bible where anyone can post their comments on a passage. I liked the idea of this and signed up and then realised that I really am not an authority on the text of the bible, I don't know the original language and I already have this blog to say things that come to my mind.

I then I though that maybe someone's writings who have been vetted by an editing process and that has stood the tests of time would be more helpful to be in the YouVersion database. So I signed up under the name JC-Ryle put up his 96 short chapters on the Gospel of Matthew, all formatted in HTML. The formatting that I used came from here, which has an emphasis on hell and fire and brimstone, which is different to the hard copy I have. But since the copy I have is in a book, it was easier for me to put the online content up. I like Ryle as he is clear and simple. Feel free to have a look at the Matthew entries and let me know if you see any errors (as I'm sure there are some).

I have also finished putting up Holiness in wikisource. The text comes from here as they use the normal numerical bible referencing system, but the footnotes and introduction comes from here (as well as from my own hard copy). The headdings are a bit of a mixture between my own editorial licence, my hard copy and the online sources.


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