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Lucian of Samosata - What was said

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From the quote by Lucian we can see that the Christian community was know to be quite a kind and generous people and presented to be quite gullible and simple folk. We see that they would visit the people in prison and freely give their money to look after them. They would be sacrificial and treat another believer as a fellow brother and they performed the big no no of denying the gods of Greece. From this quote we not only get an insight into the Greek view of the Christians we also see a few references to the founder of their faith.

We see that Lucian stressing that the Christians worshiped a man who was crucified. I take this reference to be talking about Jesus, as I do not think an early Christian community would be worshiping another crucified man. Lucian was taking a big jab at the Christians by stressing their saviour as a man, but it is quite apparent by the Christians behavior towards in this passage that they believed him to be more than a man.

Lucian also mentions that their original lawgiver stressed that believers were of one family or all brothers which agrees with Matthew 23:8. Lucian also gives us the method and area where Jesus was killed.

What we can say

From the Lucian quote we can say that:

1. Jesus was crucified in Palestine
2. Jesus was worshiped and obeyed by his followers
3. In about 100 years Jesus was well know enough to enter into contemporary entertainment

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