Friday, 7 November 2008

Site updates

John MacArthur’s church site has now released all his sermons for free. Pretty much every sermon John has given since 1970 is on there. Before you could only read the transcripts for free and pay for the audio. This was kinda a hindrance to his stuff. I like what Desiring God think about putting content online for free and Grace To You seem to be going down that path. I haven't heard much of John MacArthur, mostly from other free conference audio, but this should be a good resource.

The Gospel Coalition have also updated their site. I like the new menu system as it makes navigation a bit easier. Hopefully their RSS will work correctly as I have had some problems with it in the past. Their resources section (which doesn't seem to have a link on menu on the home page) use to have a search by scripture (not just by date or topic), but that seems to have been removed. Their blog aggregator is a useful idea and if you can subscribe to that, it may cull down my list of feeds that I subscribe to.

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  1. Love the aggregator! Thanks for passing on the links mate.