Saturday, 16 May 2009

new e-Sword updates

I'm a big fan of e-Sword. If you don't know what e-Sword is, it's a free bible software program. It has stacks of resources that you can add to it if you feel so inclined. My only gripe with the software is that the bible's don't have paragraphs and so each verse starts on a new line. A cool feature I would love to see is a syncing of your notes between your PDA, your PC and the online version.

Recently e-Sword got a big software update, which mostly changes some back end things, causing all the previous version of addons to not work. This was a bit of a pain as you had to re-download everything again; but because I am committed, I downloaded about 480mb of addon's for it. So if your someone I actually know in real life and want a copy of what I have downloaded, let me know and I'll burn you the following:

I used to have more STEP libraries, but I am unsure where they went...

Because I was overtly committed to this program about 3 years I made two of my own files. One file contains all the sermons C.H Spurgeon gave in 1855 (53 of them) and the other file is a book by John Owen called The Death of Death in the Death of Christ. With both these files I have made all the bible verses clickable, so in e-Sword you can jump to that verse or mouse over them to read the passage.

You can download these two files to work in the new version of e-Sword. Download the following and unzip them to your e-Sword directory (normally C:\Program Files\e-Sword)

Also check out e-Sword for your PDA and e-Sword online.


  1. I installed ES9 and I hate it.
    Myers' replies to my questions have been hateful and temper mental.
    I, too, at ONE time, LOVED E-Sword, and used it for hours daily.
    With his reluctance to provide the ability to revert back to E-Sword 8, my E-Sword days are over.

    To ANY interested parties: DO NOT upgrade to E-Sword 9 as you will lose ALL of your add ons from 8. UNLESS you move the topic files to your
    documents & settings-user-E-Sword folder, and yes you will have to re-download EVERYTHING as Myers' converter is useless. Of course, you could write him and ask him for the converter he used, but he won't release that.

    Overall, I believe that Myers' has become arrogant about the popularity of his program and through this upgrade forces you to abide by his rules. A sad end to a work that has been truly blessed by God.


  2. Hi D.R.

    Thanks for posting on my blog. My experience with the e-Sword upgrade wasn't as sucky as yours... My notes converted across without having to do anything in Documents & Settings (I didn't even think e-Sword saved anything in there).

    I was also able to convert those two files linked above (the Spurgeon's 1855 sermons and that Owen book) without any issue with the convert Rick Meyers supplied at the bottom of this page.

    As for the person of Rick Meyers I have no idea about his attitude, but I really do like his style in giving away this really useful program for free.

  3. I am using 9.0.3 version of the e-sword, in its home page I am not able to find step library. from I can download this step library?

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    Good question... on the e-Sword extras page there is a STEP collection of 100 books:

    And perhaps the resources on this page might be of some use to build out your STEP library:

    On my home PC I also have a J.C. Ryle pack, but I am unsure where I got that from...