Tuesday, 12 January 2016

And the blogs keep on comming

As I catch up on my RSS feed I noticed a few people are recapping their year. And for the past few years I have as well. It slipped my mind to do this, bit now that I'm here I might just give a little overview of how I thought last year on this blog went.

I only posted about 21 times last year, which is still less than fortnightly. I had hoped that since I had stopped studying I would at least get something out every 14 days. If I count the 12 dev blog posts I made in 2015 on my ampers site (follow now on twitter: @ampers_apps!) then I feel a little better with the stats.

It seems that my own pressure to post something vs what else I do with my life isn't as strong as it was in the past. I'd rather prepare and lead a Bible study every fortnight, which is what I was also doing in 2015.

Last year the two standout posts that got the most hits were:

The Most Misused Verses in the Bible: most of the traffic came from twitter. It helps when some people who have large followers re-tweet your links.

Five views of apologetics: most of the traffic came from reddit. Someone I don't know posted this there and then someone also helped fixed my grammatical errors in it. Good work Internet.

Both of these posts were book reviews. I try to read about 10 books a year. I'm not sure how many books I read in 2015 but it was more than I reviewed (9 books). 

I have some posts in draft that I didn't finish and probably will never get round to them. I think this post is going to give myself permission to just delete them and to start again for the new year.

In 2016 I am going to try and post more, but I said that last year, so I probably won't. I'm probably going to be leading a weekly Bible study, and will be continuing with my Android development (new app coming soon) so who knows how this blog will go. "While everything changes, everything remains the same"

I mostly write to an audience of one (myself), to order my thinking and to write things down for later reference. So thank you to everyone who did visit this blog in 2015 and for putting up with some of my thoughts.

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