Monday, 27 July 2009

Jason wins World Solo Championships

My cousin Jason English is a bit of a (crazy) mountain bike rider. He competes in a few long distance off road races every year, but his specialty is in 24 hour long races. Last year he won the nationals and got himself a plan ticket to the worlds in Canada. About 3 or 4 months out he had a bike accident where he fractured his back and the doctors said he shouldn't ride his bike for at least 3 months (at first they didn't know if he would walk again, let alone ride). That gave him just enough time to compete in the World's where he earned himself second place.

This year Jason won the nationals again and got to go to Canada to compete in the worlds. Yesterday the World Solo Championships were on (it started 4am Saturday Australian time) and this time Jason had no serious back injury. He won!

I was following the little updates on the website all Sunday and it sounded like it was Jason and a New Zealander who were fighting it out for almost the entire length of the race. The would get a 6 minute lead and then an hour later the other guy would be 3 minuets ahead. It looks liked it was a close race.

In 2010 the World Championships are going to be Australia. The nationals are normally in Canberra, so I am hoping that the Worlds will also be there.

You can check out my cousins blog here.


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