Sunday, 5 April 2009

Jesus on free to air

Next Friday is Easter and like last year, John Dickson has another documentary about Jesus that is going to be aired on channel 7. It is simply called The Life of Jesus. Now I haven't seen this, but since it is John Dickson I expect that this would be a good watch for both believers and skeptics and that he will be approaching this topic from his PhD in ancient history. Dickson is a good communicator and I expect will be drawing on evidence from history to make his case for Jesus' life.

So if your free and around a TV at 1pm on Friday you can save yourself $30 and tune into channel 7. (And afterwards there is the Great Celebrity Spelling Bee with "Australia's best and brightest stars" such as Molly Meldrum and Pauline Hanson.)

I probably will buy this DVD (The Life of Jesus, not the Celebrity Spelling Bee) as I will be in Katoomba for Easter (like last year) and the Christ Files DVD last year was quite good.

More details are on their website.


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