Sunday, 6 April 2008


On the 25th of April is ANZAC Day where we remember the great Australian war vets who helped shape this good country for what it is today. On ANZAC Day I'm running an event at my church called LANZAC Day. It's pretty much a LAN on ANZAC Day.

Where: St Matts Church, Wanniassa, ACT
When: 10am-6pm, Friday 25th of April
Cost: $5 for lunch (it might not be pizza anymore, some people may cook us lunch!)
Bring: Your PC, a power board (that has a surge protector on it) and any caffeinated drinks or nibbles you want. We should have lots of network cables, and we will have our own switches.
Games: CS:Source, DoD:Source, TF2, AoE2, and pretty much if two or more people have the same game, then play that. There may also be a wii hooked up to the projector.
Age limits: This event is for people who are 15 or over. People between 15 and 17 need parents permission.
Size limit: Any more than 40 PC's and we may have to start turning people away... we will see.
Internet: There will be no internet, so make sure your games are all patched before the event. This also means that there will be no WoW (which is a very good thing).
Am I going to get preached at? No, this is a LAN in a church. You will be given a CD when you register that will have Christian content on it, but there will be no formal talk. But hey, if you have questions about Jesus, ask me on the day.
Anything else: Everyone needs to fill in a rego form (it can be filled in on the day, along with payment) and agree that you won't sue us for anything and you won't be using illegal software on your PC.

And whats a LAN without a comment from Jeremy:

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