Friday, 9 May 2014

Preaching and Hearing the Psalms in Canberra

I don't normally plug events on my blog, but I'm trying not be too legalistic about this. If you are not in the Canberra area, then this post may not be of any interest to you.

Requip, which is a subsection of Canberra Christian Conventions, are helping to put on a Preaching the Psalms event. When I say helping, I mean, Requip is doing the advertising and local leg work, while RBC Ministries Australia are providing the speakers and organising the actual day. Since the start of this year I have found myself helping out on the Requip team, I thought I might further help with the local advertising with this post.

The two speakers for this event is David Cook and Mike Raiter. Both of these guys have pretty extensive CV's.

David Cook was principal of SMBC and is also the Moderator General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. He has written a few books, such as The Unheeded Christ, commentaries on Acts, Romans and the Minor Prophets, and has contributed to books like Preach or Perish, How to Prepare a Bible Talk and 1st Century Answers To 21st Century Questions. You can listen to some of his talks while he was principal of SMBC.

Mike Raiter was principal of Melbourne School of Theology and was also head of the Department of Mission at Moore College. He is the Director of the Centre for Biblical Preaching and has written Stirrings of the Soul, which in 2004 was the SPCK Australia's Christian book of the year (Preach or Perish was a runners up in 2009). You can listen to some of his talks hosted on The Gospel Coalition site, and some talks he has given at Moore.

As you can tell from these guys, they are academic but also have a passion for preaching. It should be a good day.

Cook and Raiter will be giving two lectures and two sermons on Friday 20th June, 2014 at
Westminster Presbyterian, 61 Templeton St, Cook, ACT (map). Lunch will also be provided.

So how much would you pay for an event like this? Well, get this: there is NO CHARGE and on top of two sermons and two lectures you get lunch. I think it is worth double that.

To attend you need to register before the 10th June, 2014. For more information visit the Requip page.

Hearing the Psalms

The next day, on Saturday 21st of June, 2014, David Cook and Mike Raiter will also be doing a Hearing the Psalms conference that will consist of four sermons on the Psalms. The sermons will be on Psalm 2, 32, 19 and 90.

This will be at St Matthews Anglican Church, 5 Laurens Street, Wanniassa, ACT, from 1:30pm - 5:30pm.

This event is not a Requip event, and even though it is hosted at the church that I attend, this is all I really know about it. You can check out the flyer here.


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