Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The killing of Roo's and our rights

I love Australia. I love the fact that we that we farm one of our national animals to eat, and yet we have so many in the wild that we have to cull them.

In Canberra they are starting to kill 400 roos that are on a Navy site (the fact that Canberra has a Navy site is also another reason why I love this country). The military says that 600 roos live in the area, and if they didn't do the cull all the roos would starve to death.

Today some people jumped the fence to where the cull is happening to reclaim the land. I didn't know it was that simple to get some land in Canberra. You just have to light a fire and put some flags up... and to think I got a lawyer and paid money to get some land in Canberra. Also I would have thought the process would have been harder to get some military land... It didn't quite work, they got arrested.

What struck me about this story is that despite the law, the high fence, the fact that its a bad idea to trespass on a military base and that the cull will mean 200 roos live and not 600 roos starve to death; that these people thought they had a right to take back the land.

There is something in us that constantly fights for our own rights. And I'm no better. I easily justify some of my actions for my own good pleasure in the defiant face of the Australian law, or even God's law. And yet for some reason I have this assumption that even though I break the law I still have a right to have a say for this country, but worst than that I still assume that I have a right to approach God and make requests to Him.

(There is also another funny story about this whole thing)


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