Saturday, 1 September 2007

Darwin Day

What are you doing February 12 2009? Yeah I have no idea what I'm up either but it will be the bicentennial anniversary of Abraham Lincoln, oh and also Charles Darwin...

I've never heard of Darwin Day before, it must be an American thing, which is funny because it clashes with one of their best presidents (so I am told) birthday. I thought the Americans would be heaps patriotic on that day and be all about loving their country more, but it seems like there is a movement wanting to celebrate an English man instead.

In 2009 there is a push to have some international festival or public holiday for Charles Darwin. I was thinking that no one gets an international holiday but then remembered that Jesus gets His birth and death on there!

I found two short talks on Darwin Day. The first one is about the day and that although it claims on one hand to have nothing to do with religion, that it is supported by anti-religious ideas and the second talk is by a guy called Jonathan Wells who talks about some problems with Darwinism.

About Darwin Day:

About Darwinism:

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