Monday, 18 January 2010

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Last week Hannah and I went on holidays with her side of her family to Arrawarra. It was a good time away and I quickly got in to the routine of going to the beach in the morning, coming back for lunch and then reading till around dinner time. There were some days where I watched session three of The IT crowd, or we went into Coffs Harbour, but mostly I did a lot of reading (and maybe looked at one or two chapters in a Greek textbook).

I finished off What St Paul Really Said (N.T Wright) and I really only have a few thoughts on this book, not enough to fill a book or a talk about how "Wright is wrong"...

In about two hours I read the short book The Prodigal God (Tim Keller) and then I started on to Crazy Love (Fransis Chan). The end of Crazy Love was to motivate the reader to go out and do things, so I felt the best transition was to move to reading Just Do Something (Kevin DeYoung).

While we made a trip in to Coffs we found a general book store and where I found Losing My Religion (Tom Frame). Since I am attending the theological college Tom Frame is head of I thought I should at least read something of his. I was impressed, that I was able to finish this book before the holiday ended and by the over all content of it. I am glad that I dumped the $32 on it and am not annoyed at missing out on reading the last book I brought down with me (Counterfeit Gods - Tim Keller).

So over the next few weeks (once I post my comments on the All About Jesus sermon series I listened to), these book reviews should hopefully appear on this blog and kick off some content for 2010.


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