Saturday, 23 August 2014

Crazy Busy

Last month was the first time since May 2007 that I didn't post on this blog (I bet you didn't even notice). Previously, it seems I had more time on my hands to sprout opinions on the Internet. And today, this post isn't even by me, but by my wife Hannah. She helps run the Canberra Womens's Christian Convention and this year she got to review the book Crazy Busy by Kevin DeYoung. Below is her review that appeared in the conference booklet. I honestly plan on reading this book...once my degree is finished and I don't feel so busy...

Let's face it. Life is busy. My life is crazy busy. My “to do” list is so complicated I use a website to maintain it. Have I lost the plot? Am I cramming too much into life? Have I forgotten the main game?

In Crazy Busy, de Young presents a balanced perspective that will help you reflect on busyness in light of the gospel.

I was convicted of my pride which is the root of my saying “yes” to so many things. I'm a people pleaser and I'll say yes because of it. Ism a perfectionist and I secretly believe that I'm indispensable. My pride is sin and I need to confess it.

On the other hand, not all my busyness is sinful. Some of it is the result of laying aside my needs for the sake of others. If we love our families, our brothers and sisters in Christ and our neighbours in this world, we will be busy.
“Busyness… is as much a mind-set and a heart sickness as it is a failure in time management.”
It's possible to fill your days with hard work, whilst maintaining dependence on God. It's also possible to feel stressed and busy and not achieve anything.
“The antidote is rest, rhythm, death to pride, acceptance of our own finitude, and trust in the providence of God.”
There's no secret. There's no 12 step plan. But this book will help you to reflect. It'll help you to explore underlying sinfulness, it'll encourage you to work harder at loving people and it will point you to depend on Jesus every day.

This is by far the most challenging and the most reassuring book I've read this year. If you're crazy busy, it'll take you three hours to read and it is worth every minute.

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