Sunday, 27 September 2009

A Biblical Riddle

Throughout history Christians have liked to read. The protestant reformation had the crazy idea that people should be able to read the bible in their own language and not just take the priests Latin word for it. The reformation sparked a whole heap of new writings to the lay person and since the printing press had just been invented (about 200 years after the Chinese had worked it out), it escalated the production of religious texts.

Now days we can look back on all these texts and read them. Also literacy rates have increases and Christian bookstalls have continued to stock the latest and greatest. While my wife was flicking through a Christian bookshop catalog she spied a book that may well be the first (well its a sequel so it has to be the second) in a new Christian genera. Its called Fun Bible Sudoku 2.

Fun Bible Sudoku 2. Its fun, its bible, its a sudoku and its part two. Some bright spark has found a hole in the market so now Christan's don't have to do those pagan sudokus in the newspaper. Whats so bible about the numbers 1-9 in a random order? Well.. um... the bible has those numbers in them... well the English ones do anyway... I think its best not to ask too many questions, it might just make you sigh a little to hard...

I worry about what it says about my faith if I am unable to complete one of the puzzles.

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