Monday, 29 June 2009

'Supposed Cases' are keeping us from belief

J.C. Ryle said this 200 years ago when talking about Matthew 22:23-33:

It must never surprise us, if we meet with like objections against the doctrines of Scripture, and especially against those doctrines which concern another world. There never probably will be lacking "unreasonable men," who will "intrude" into things unseen, and make imaginary difficulties their excuse for unbelief. 'Supposed cases' are one of the favorite strongholds in which an unbelieving mind loves to entrench itself. Such a mind will often set up a shadow of its own imagining, and fight with it, as if it was a truth. Such a mind will often refuse to look at the overwhelming mass of plain evidence by which Christianity is supported, and will fasten down on some one single difficulty, which it fancies is unanswerable.

I wonder how many people have false ideas about Christianity that is keeping them from Christianity.


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