Wednesday, 12 March 2008

XXXchurch in Canberra, 27th of March

Craig Gross from XXXchurch is speaking at my church on Thursday the 27th of March. He is stopping off in Canberra from speaking at Easterfest in Queensland and then he will be heading out to New Zealand.

Craig hands out bibles with "Jesus loves pornstars" on the front cover at porn conventions. This sometimes rubs people in the church the wrong way. (I guess they forget who Jesus used to hang out with or what the people in the Corinthian church once were.) This news clip about them even has Al Mohler putting in his two cents about Craig's methods. I like Craig's response at the end of the clip as I think he is right. He may make mistakes, but he is the only one doing it.

Craig was recently in a debate on the American ABC channel where he and Donny Pauling (an ex-porn producer) argued against two porn stars (Ron Jeremy and Monique Alexander) about porn. You can watch the debate here.

It should be a good night that hopefully will provoke some thinking and conversation about the issue of porn. If your in the area, feel free to come along (it's also free!). For more info see this link to my church's site.

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