Tuesday, 12 May 2009

My first national budget

Tonight the government is going to put forward their budget. Like most things political, I have some opinions on particular things but I am mostly ignorant of everything else.

Anyway with talk of the budget, the global financial crisis and how our debt will take us 20 years to pay back, I thought I might take a quick and simplistic look at the budget and make my own. This doesn't sound as hard you think as there is an online tool where you can do it.

My main things is that health and education need to be invested in, spending in the arts also won't harm anything and lets reduce military spending. The other options I really haven't thought much about. I also ended up with half the petty cash our government had last year, so really that could lead to problems if anything unexpected comes along.

You can see my budget here. Have a go yourself before the real budget gets delivered.


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