Saturday, 18 April 2009

Easter Convention Time

A South African Bishop, an Old Testament academic and an Irishman walk into a conference... and a good time, talking about time, was had by all.

The Katoomba Easter convention for 2009 was really good this year. The three speakers were Frank Retief, Kirk Patston and Jonny Gibson with the theme about managing time in a hyperactive world.

Frank planted a church in Cape Town in the late 1970's which then got attacked in 1993 by some sort of terrorists and is now still going strong with 5000 people there. Frank is now Bishop of the area. He spoke on rest, service, judgment and glory. His last two talks pointed out that you can't just talk about hell to people, but you must mention judgment and that you can't just talk about heaven but you have to also talk about glory.

Kirk teaches Old Testament at SMBC and gave 4 talks on Ecclesiastes. These were great clear talks that explained the book really well. He talked about how we really don't gain anything, just like the cycles of the Earth and that we should instead look for gifts. He talked about how we should enjoy the moment and be present where we are, as well as not been lazy and to take risks and work and remember that death is final and God will judge our actions. We shouldn't be too busy to smile, and we should have faith in God and His plan, that sometimes we just will not work out.

Jonny Gibson is an Irishman who just finished Moore College and is about to go to England to do a PhD. He is also one of the editors of Beginning With Moses. Jonny spoke on God, work and family. He was passionate and forceful and had great quotes. We should be more keen to read God's word than our emails in the morning. Husbands are the head of the family so they are to wear a crown... of thorns for their wives. Husbands are to let their wives bloom and not wither.

Al Stewart MC'ed the event and wrote out a sentence for each talk.
He said it would be posted on their website, but that hasn't happened yet.It is now posted on their website.

Hannah and I bought the talks for Kirk and Jonny as we thought they were tops. You can buy the talks here.


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