Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Truths We Confess, Volume 1

At the start of this year I had a bit of Koorong money, so I bought this three part series on the Westminster Confession of Faith by R.C. Sproul (Koorong link here). I started reading it in a few long sittings in summer and then just recently I remembered that I hadn't actually finished the last few chapters.

This volume goes through the first 8 chapters of the confession and deals with the Bible, God as Trinity, predestination, creation, providence, sin and punishment and God's promises to us. It is written like a commentary of the Westminster Confession with the passage from the confession above each section and if the confession is quoted it is in bold within the text.

Its a pretty meaty book, but Sproul does explain things quite well and it is aimed at the lay person. Sproul throws in antidotical stories that help in understanding the point he is making. He also goes on a few tangents sometimes, but those tangents are kinda helpful anyway. I started off reading a whole chapter at a time, and that perhaps isn't the best way to read it. Perhaps if I read it slower I might have remembered more of the beginning.

Some interesting points I have grabbed from this book is that Sproul once thought the creation account in the bible gave us a framework of creation and wasn't to be taken so literal (which is what I hold), but he has changed his position to be a 6 day creationist. Also in the chapter on providence he says that it was good in once sense for the Fall to of happened as it was still part of God's plan; which I guess is true, but I hadn't ever heard it put that way before.

I have the other two volumes in the series, but I think it will be a little while before I pick them up as I have other books I want to read.

You can read Chapter 1 on The Holy Scriptures here (direct link taken form this review)


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