Thursday, 1 November 2007

Election Links

The last few times I've had to vote I pretty much felt uninformed and on so on the back of my ballot I would write a long essay as to why I can not make a balanced decision on who should be in charged of this great country because the media spins stories or just does not publicise some others.

Anyway with this election coming up, and the fact that I have an 8MB cable connection to my home, I am going to try and keep informed with what our potential future leaders are saying. I figure that the more stories you read for and against the same issue, the better informed you are in making a decision. Below are some links that I will be using to keep my finger on the pulse:

The ABC 2007 Federal Election website: This has the Howard and Rudd debate online, (although broken up in small "highlights"), an interactive map showing the electorate seats and on the election night you will be able to view who controls what seats. Plus news and things like tracking a Pollie over this country.

Google's 2007 Australian Federal Election gadgets: I'm a big Google fanboy and use their iGoogle page so I have added a "2007 Election" tab to my Google homepage. You can also check out the parties on their own youTube channel and also check out electorate profiles in Google maps.

Australia Votes 2007 (Thanks Tiger for this link): "The Australian Christian Lobby put 25 questions to each of the political parties on key issues of concern to Christians. This interactive website contains the parties' responses to ACL's questions in bite-size pieces. It showcases their attitudes to Christian concerns as well as their responses to specific questions on pro-life, pro-family, refugee, climate change and many other issues." - From the site. You can also customise your search to compare between parties and issues. The Greens didn't want to take part in this, so their responses are not there.


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