Other Blogs

Ravings and Ranting by &rew: This is my main blog where I post some of my thoughts. I do preface myself in the banner by saying "I have very little qualifications to speak on anything, yet since this is the Internet I'll do it anyway." So take it all with a grain of salt. It is after all a blog.

Dev Blog: This is my development blog where I post about the apps and mobile sites that I am working on, when things are updates and other issues that are tangentially related.

A Series of Links: As the name implies, this blog is a series of links of interesting articles that I find in my RSS feed or on the tubes. The content is mostly aimed at a few of my friends that I email who are in ministry or training to be in ministry.

&rew's Phone Blog: This blog is mostly for my family, so they can visually see what I am up to. It is a small blog where I upload random photos and short clips from my phone. As everything is sent from my phone, the quality is quite poor. Now this pretty much mimics my Instagram page.

A Very Crafty Vella: - This is my wife's blog, mostly for her own benefit, where she puts up craft (or other) ideas she finds interesting.

lzjoe l;w; ; mk: This is my daughters blog. As you can tell she likes to bash on the keyboard.

tfg bvrtft vtrn: This is my sons blog. He also likes to bash the keyboard.