Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Technology presentations

Two years ago I gave a little presentation on smartphones at my church for a skill share day. I must of done OK as I was asked back again this year to give two more presentations. This time round I was given the topic of "Securing your network" and "Christian and time saving apps". Due to lack of interest the "Securing your network" presentation was cancelled, however I already prepared some slides for that, so I am still posting that below.

For the "Christian and time saving apps" presentation I prepared way too much so I got the people there to talk about what issues they wanted to solve or do. We ended up skipping over some of this presentation, but hopefully it was more beneficial to the people there.

In the Q&A for this I was asked about some sites that might be helpful. I suggested Communicate Jesus, which is a blog that spans both ministry and technology and may have some good posts in it's archive. I also suggest Tim Challies's blog who occasionally posts on technology, so again searching his site might also be a good place to start.

While the slides do do appear to be an ad for some apps I have made, I was clear that I didn't benefit for people downloading them (and I also has some self-deprecating comments to be amusing and to hopefully reduce the "advertising" feel the slide suggest). I also ask permission before if I could talk about my apps, in case the organisers didn't like the idea of me plugging my own things.

Below are the slides for both presentations, which are really only a loose guide of what I did (or would have said). Hopefully they will help some more people:

Securing your network - Touches on Wifi, Antivirus, Porn and Backup

Christian and time saving apps - Touches on Bibles, devotions, gospel presentations, notes, automation, email management and other things...

While giving the presentation I would flick over to my phone to show people what the app looked like and some features you can do on them. I used myMobiler to show my phone display on a screen during this presentation.


  1. Andrew - thanks for the presentation at the skillshare day. The 2014 links don't seem to be working right now. Ross

  2. Hi Ross,

    Thanks for posting. Sorry about the links, they should now be fixed.