Wednesday, 16 June 2010

More Blogs

This post is really for the 13 people that Google reader says that subscribe to my blog, so they do not visit my site and haven't seen the My Blogs link at the top.

For some reason when things get busy, like say the end of semester when you have essays and a Greek test to do, I decided to start new things. And two of these things are blogs. These are not all that impressive, and maybe more of a record for myself than other people. But below are two more blogs to add to the white noise of the Internet.

A Series of Links: As the name implies, this blog is a series of links of interesting articles that I find in my RSS feed or on the tubes. The content is mostly aimed at a few of my friends that I email who are in ministry or training to be in ministry. I use the Blog This! Chrome extension to easily make posts, the only limitation I can see is that it doesn't allow you to add labels to posts.

&rew's Phone Blog: This blog is mostly for my family, so they can visually see what I am up to. It is a small blog where I upload random photos and short clips from my phone. As everything is sent from my phone, the quality is quite poor. I have set up a magical email address, so whatever I email to it (audio recording from my phone doesn't get put up), it will automatically get posted on this blog.

All my blogs have a little facebook share icon on it that I have custom made, as the facebook instructions are quite limited (I might post here how to make your own link correctly). Only this blog has the digg share icon, as really the content for these two blogs don't really have any value, and I don't really know many people that have digg accounts.

Blogger has also updated their themes, so I might update their appearances soon.


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