Monday, 14 December 2009

Greek to me

I haven't gotten my results back from my current semester at uni, but I assume that I am going to pass my two subjects. That means next semester I will be learning Greek, Koine Greek to be precise. Now you may gather from my writings that I struggle with the English language and the prospect of learning another language has me a bit worried; so I plan on getting a head start.

Looking around the net there are some resources I have found that might be of some help.

Bible Greek Vodcast: These clips are short and seem to go at a nice slow pace although they might be a bit cheesy.

Greek & Hebrew Reader: This website is very user friendly (originally the workings of it was from The Resurgence Greek Project, but that shut down). The site allow highlighting of nouns, verbs, names etc... not to mention it has nice mouse overs of word definitions.

Biblos: This site has stacks of tools to use such as their Interlinear Bibles, Bible Lexicons and Greek Concordance. They also have a few Greek versions.

e-Sword: Their online version has a copy of the Greek text online, but you do have to sign into it. The windows application has the Greek text with Strongs numbers and concordance, along with other dictionaries.

My wife a few years back started to learn Greek and bought Mounce's Greek textbook, which happens to be the text book I am going to use next year. That text book is also used at Dallas Theological Seminary which works out great as their NT101 Greek class is online on iTunesU. They also have a really nice online preview of a class in the course that has a running transcription and slides and again for NT102 here.

Also for my birthday a few days ago, my wife bought me Mounce's Greek workbook to compliment the text book. That should come in handy over January.

But what I hear is that when it comes down to it, regardless of what tools you have, to learn any language, you just have to work at it and put the time into it. Hopefully this January (when things are meant to be quiet) I'll be able to put some time and effort into it.

Update: Anki: My cousins who are also learning Greek have pointed me to a free flash card program called Anki. Once the program is installed it lets you select the language you want to download, and someone has made a vocab list based off the Mounce textbook that plugs right into it. This could come in handy...


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