Thursday, 12 November 2009

I don't want nothing

Its my birthday on the 9th of December. I'm one of those luck few who work in a secure job, is married and does not have any children. I think the term is DINKs. Now because of that, and because when the first world is feeling poor it means they don't eat out as much but for the third world they just don't eat, I thought I should use my birthday to raise some money for people who are not DINKs. For people who don't have pipes into their homes, who would dream of living in a country that has water restrictions. You can visit this page for more details:

Why water? Well we all need it, and their website is cool to allow this type of social networking fund-raising thing. They seem to know how to use technology (they once had a twitter fund-raiser), and I like that.

Also over the last two months my posts have been infrequent. This is mostly because I have been trying to write some essay for St Marks/CSU. Tomorrow is when my last essay is due for the semester so once that is finished I should post some more.

Over all my studies this semester was good. In total I had 5 essays to do, ranging from source criticism, metaphors of the church, Hebrews 1, authorship of the Pastoral Epistles and leadership and authority of the church.

But for now I have to finish my last essay.


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