Thursday, 11 June 2009


The sub heading for this blog used to start off with I am nowhere near qualified to speak on anything... but after today I have changed it to I have very little qualifications to speak on anything... (big change I know).

This afternoon I received my Preliminary Theological Certificate through Moore College in Sydney. I got 2nd Class Honours, which is a fancy way of saying I got a credit (65%) average. I learned a fair bit doing this PTC and recommend anyone who is literate and can spare the time to do it. When I started you had to do 9 subjects to get your PTC, but now they have changed it, so you only need 6, making the goal post even more achievable. For more information about the PTC, check out their page.

Also while talking about education, I have enrolled into St Marks (a subsidiary of CSU) to do a Bachelor of Theology. I'm doing this external and part time, to give tertiary education another chance.


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