Saturday, 13 June 2009

Jesus - Not even in the Bible

Now I read digg articles and their comments just knowing there would be someone on there that disagrees with me (is it just me or do you do that as well?). Some things just cause me to cringe and sometimes I feel pain. Now almost every story on any religion on digg is negative, and the comments are even worst. Now this is fine, everyone can say what they want, but some people just have not done their homework. They make all these claims that are just flat out wrong. eg, foxifiednazi said here:

Don't get excited Christians, they still haven't found ANY evidence of this Jesus fella.

Actually, one of the main reasons I denounced my Christian faith is because I can't find one single shred of evidence for the Jesus of the Bible. Not one artifact or eyewitness account. Not even in the Bible.

Amazingly, we have not one Jewish, Greek, or Roman writer, even those who lived in the Middle East, much less anywhere else on the earth, who ever mentions him during his supposed life time. This appears quite extraordinary, and you will find few Christian apologists who dare mention this embarrassing fact

Also pretty much word for word there is another comment by an inactive user here.

Comments like this is just a little too painful for me to read. The line "Not even in the Bible" I think tops it off. I can not help but smile.

Again EarlOfLade says here:

Best part about it all, Jesus never existed.
Jesus is the Superman of the first century, a comic book hero of the Middle East.

Jesus is non existent outside the bible when you look at contemporary sources.

Because of a host of comments like this and because I like the historical fact of Christianity, I might post a bit about all the references of Jesus outside the bible (and maybe move into some references in the bible). Most of my content will come from John Dickson's The Christ Files (the book not the documentary), which I have found quite a helpful book. I'm sure also Wikipedia will have some helpful information...

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