Friday, 30 January 2009

Statistics can say anything...

There has been a few news stories about the 2006 census report recently and it seems that 20 something males get a raw deal. Now I am a 20 something male and I don't really conform to any of what they have found. Admittedly I am just one person in this country but sometimes I do wish everyone was like me (if that really did happen the world would be way more messed up that it was). But it is good that the world isn't like me and that we have our differences. After all I am going through a NOFX phase at the moment, and the whole idea about punk music is that your in the minority getting angsty about the rest of the world.

Anyway, I hear you can really say anything about statistics, so I am going to try. (It should be noted that I have only really done 1/2 a uni term about stats and that was more the maths side than the interpreting side of things).

Women are beating men in uni degrees and Christian women do more voluntary work. Does this mean that men get more full time work, so not having the uni lifestyle they don't have as much time to volunteer? Also I think it is a good thing that the smarter sex is helping the community, after all they should know better and more appropriate things to do.

But our society is in a little trouble as there are now less Christian women to help us out as more Aussies are non-believers. I have already talked about the census data on religion before, I think people are just been more honest with their commitment to church.

Also young people aren't leaving their parents home. You would think this was a problem but also our homes are now more oversized so there should be plenty of room. It is funny that 20 somethings see the benefit and comfort of their own family, but don't see an advantage of starting their own.

It seems that in order to be a true rebel, to be in a minority, you need to say your in a religion, give up your time for others, move out of your parents home and start a family. Anything else is just main stream.

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  1. Should have re-written the last note as "get married THEN start a family".

    That's something not many people do anymore... you gotta start the family by accident, then go "whoops" and get married after the fact.

    At least that seems to be the big idea around a few people i know.

    - Joelbo