Sunday, 27 July 2008

A Book You'll Actually Read on the New Testament

I just finished another book in the A Book You'll Actually Read series. This time it took me a few weeks to finish the one on the New Testament. I started reading it one night, put it down and then after two weeks been in bed sick I have finally finished the small 68 page book.

Like the book on the Old Testament, this book has two main parts. The first part on 9 questions about the New Testament has a little bit of repeated information from the Old Testament book, but you would kinda want the same overview and translation methods used for both Testaments.

Once again I think the second part of this book is a really good resource with an overview on the genres of Gospels, History, Epistles and Apocalypse along with a brief overview of each of the 27 books in the New Testament and reasons why the books were written and what encouragement you may get out of them.

The appendix is pretty much the same as the Old Testament book with good resources to other bible books.

You can also browse this book online.

Here is Driscoll about this book:

There is also a bit of overlap in this sermon Driscoll gave about how God reveals Himself in the bible (notes on that sermon).


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