Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Free Uni Classes

If you use iTunes, you may of noticed that they have introduced this new iTunes U, which has free university content. This is a pretty cool idea. Although I suspect that this content has been free online for quite some time now, but iTunes U now allows the content to be in the one spot.

What really grabbed my eye amongst all the classes available was one at Standford by Thomas Sheehan. The class is called Historical Jesus and it is trying to work out what Jesus really said and did. For some strange reason I gather that Sheehan doesn't think that the earlier sources about Jesus are accurate and he tries to show that Jesus didn't in fact think he was divine and I suspect he thinks Jesus didn't rise from the dead. I'm curious as to what historic evidence Sheehan uses to over rule the writings that were written within living memory about Jesus. There are 10 talks about 1 hour 30 mins each. (At least he has to admit Jesus did exits based off historic evidence, so I guess Dickson's challenge still stands).

Some other things I have found in iTunes U is D.A Carson talking about the New Perspective on Paul at the Reformed Theological Seminary, N.T Wright speaks in an apologetic class at Seattle Pacific University and just in general content from Concordia Seminary, Reformed Theological Seminary and a fair few other classes from the religious section are worth downloading and thinking about.

Whats so bad about information overload?


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