Sunday, 29 June 2008

A Book You'll Actually Read on God

Mark Driscoll has recently written 4 books in a series called A Book You'll Actually Read. They are short books meant to be able to be read in about an hour. I pre-ordered all 4 and got them on Friday.

I just finished the one On Who Is God and it took me a bit over an hour to read it. It was good. It didn't really have many jokes in it, unlike his Confessions book, it was mostly an information dump.

It goes through the classic proofs for God; briefly looks at a 9 world views (atheism, agnosticism, monotheism, trinitarianism to name 4) and their views about god; then it looks at what the bible says about God and looks at Jesus the incarnation of God. The last chapter argues that we all worship something and if that something isn't God it is idolatry and we should be worshipping God.

The book didn't have anything new in it, but Driscoll did set the book out to be just introductory to the subject of God. There are some good websites and books in the back for further reading. Alister McGrath, Norman Geisler and Ravi Zacharias get suggested a bit.

All in all this is a quick book that you can actually read, it lays some strong foundation about God and I think is for the agnostic or believer alike.

Here is Driscoll on his own book:


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