Monday, 10 December 2007

Athiest Kids Movie

The Golden Compass is set to come out on boxing day and it has been described as a kids atheist movie.

  • Nichole Kidman has said: "I wouldn't be able to do this film if I thought it were at all anti-Catholic."
  • New Line Cinema said that they have changed the movie a little bit from the book (who would have thought that the movie is different to the book?). I'm also guessing it isn't financially viable to upset the masses of Christian consumers too much.
  • The author of the books, Philip Pullman, who did write the books with the intention to confront Christianity thinks: "the outline of the story is faithful to what I wrote, given my knowledge of what they have done", although the National Secular Society don't think so.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, proposed that this trilogy be taught as part of religious education in schools (I think he just likes endorsing books, like the Good As New bible).
  • My old beach mission site has posted a warning about the movie. Since beach mission deals with children I guess it is important to make parents and children aware of the intentions of the storyline.
  • Al Mohler has written a long blog article and has also discussed the movie and is worried about the next two due to their not so subtle anti-Christian themes and sexual content for young children.
I'm not sure another opinion is needed about this movie (epically mine, as I have no idea about raising children), but hey:

  • It's a fantasy film. How far do you push baning non-Christian movies? Star Wars has a mystical two sided force that controls the universe. Harry Potter is about a boy who can cast spells. What about all the movies that promote wealthy living or sex as the pinnacle of life? Or the movies that promote vengeance as a good thing? They may not be as confrontational as this movie, but I think their is a good argument that they are worst because they are more subtle, enticing and mainstream.
  • The church really shouldn't be worried. The Da Vinci Code came and went, people realized that it wasn't history, only those who already believed it were convinced. The history of the Church has withstood worst opposition than a children's movie.
  • I wonder if atheists will be as organised as a local church and produce small tracks to hand out about this movie to help explain their world view presented in this movie. Will they book a theater and have a bring a friend night?


  1. There is also a review about this movie on "Open House" on the Sydney christian radio station that you can download here (although they haven't seen it because for some reason there is no advance screening for Australia)

  2. I am surpirsed anyone could not be anti-catholic. A terrible belief not based in reality, that corrupts minds.

    Of course, it is not the only horrible belief that is devoid of rational thought, and evil beliefs.