Wednesday, 22 August 2007

There is a God

That is the title of Antony Flew's new book.

In 2001 after some Internet rumours Antony Flew was saying:

I remain still what I have been now for over fifty years, a negative atheist. By this I mean that I construe the initial letter in the word 'atheist' in the way in which everyone construes the same initial letter in such words as 'atypical' and 'amoral'. For I still believe that it is impossible either to verify or to falsify - to show to be false - what David Hume in his Dialogues concerning Natural Religion happily described as "the religious hypothesis."

Then three years later Antony had said he had changed his mind and now believes there is a God:

I think that the most impressive arguments for God’s existence are those that are supported by recent scientific discoveries... I think the argument to Intelligent Design is enormously stronger than it was when I first met it.

Flew still denies
divine revelation from the bible or Koran, that Jesus rose from the dead and that there isn't an afterlife, but I find it interesting that he reaches the conclusion that there is a God because our universe is so finely tuned. If I didn't have about 30 other books that I would like to read, I'd probably buy "There is a God" when it comes out.

Here are some articles that Anthony Flew has written. (His article "
Theology and Falsification" is famous and apparently "has been described as the most-read philosophical work of the late twentieth century")


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