Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Skeptics' Disease

We now have a nice short chapter on skeptics. Skeptics are given a bad wrap because everyone has a brain that is a delusion generator so are therefore they are unable to know what the truth is. Skeptics also form cults and "attack irrational thinkers and in the process become irrational." (page 74)

This is a just a generalisation of a group of people. Of cause some examples may prove the above point about skeptics, but the problem with people is that they are so varied, that there will be other examples of them who don't prove this point at all.

Knowing what the truth is, can be a hard task. It is even harder when humans are not perfect, are finite and are capable of making mistakes. To denial that any truth can not be know is in and of itself a contradiction, but to realise that not everything can be know, is perhaps a rational stance to take.

Knowing the truth would be much easier if we didn't have to work out what it was and instead if it was told or revealed to us. Even then, people are not always rational and are sometimes deluded. Some people still will not believe the truth even if they did see and hear the miraculous.


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