Saturday, 16 June 2007

Blogs are fake

I read this last night and smiled:

What all blogs have in common is the host's/author's basic belief that his or her life or thoughts about life are worth sharing with anyone who will log on. It's either the most astonishing universal display of narcissism or the most liberating opportunity for the ordinary and the everyday to be celebrated. On one level it looks like the liberation of the ordinary, but at another level it's an expression of hyper-reality: it looks like we're meeting people via the Web, but really we're meeting only the acceptable persona that they want displayed to the world. (Michael Frost, Exiles page 88)

Perhaps it is true. I wonder what impression strangers get of me when (or if) they read this blog. I'm hoping they don't think much of me and just focus the on the idea that is being presented.


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