Thursday, 31 May 2007

Delusion Generator

God's Debris, then goes on to speculate about what God is interested in and then forms it's own conclusion (or delusion) based off an assumption.

The human brain is a delusion generator. The delusions are fueled by arrogance—the arrogance that humans are the center of the world, that we alone are endowed with the magical properties of souls and morality and free will and love. We presume that an omnipotent God has a unique interest in our progress and activities while providing all the rest of creation for our playground. We believe that God—because he thinks the same way we do—must be more interested in our lives than in the rocks and trees and plants and animals. (page 34)

The old man assumes that God is interested in activity and since all of nature to some extent is active so therefore all parts of nature (humans, rocks, skin cells etc.. ) are equal and just as interesting. The other guy assumes that God is interested in humans because it is "obvious". He doesn't expand on this, but he might be implying that humans must be important to God because we are the smartest species on the planet, have culture, language, morality etc... Both these reasons are just based off what they are assuming God is interested in. They both can just guess, but if it is just based on human reasoning isn't that just as arrogant?

I would think that if you want to know something, the best way to find out isn't to sit around a speculate about it, but to do some research and to try and find out about it.

Jesus said that he was God (and got killed for it). The bible says that he rose from the dead after been killed on a cross. The Qur'an says that Jesus didn't die on a cross. Jews don't see Jesus as God and will not believe their messiah could be hung on a tree to die as they will become a curse.

If Jesus did rise from the dead after dying for humans because he was from God, that would then assume that God does take an interest in humans, not based off speculative reasoning, but based on historic events.

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  1. This is one of those times where rubber-hits-the-road atheism is utterly dissatisfying. Whilst it is entirely irrational (can I say impossible?) to believe in God because it makes you feel better, consider the implications if we are completely alone in this universe. To believe that there is no God, or if there is a God but he is disinterested (or worse, antagonistic) towards us is a difficult concept to ponder. I agree & - it should drive us to investigation, not purposeless debate.